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Fic: Solstice (1/4 and 2/4) stargate_ren

Title: Solstice
Authors: angelqueen04, miera_c, melyanna
Rating: Older kid-friendly
Summary: The winter solstice marks the longest night of the year, and Atalan's foremost holiday. With gifts being exchanged, clandestine rendezvouses, a ball, and secrets coming to light, the first public celebration of Queen Elizabeth's reign is sure to be one to remember for many years to come.
Notes: This was supposed to be a giant ball of fluff. It probably still is, but a plot of some variety wiggled its way in. It's also embarrassingly long, so we're posting Parts I and II today, and will post the last two parts in a couple days.

Part I

Part II
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Fic: Uncharted Shores (1/4) stargate_ren

Title: Uncharted Shores
Authors: melyanna, miera_c, and angelqueen04
Rating: PG-13
Summary: As winter looms and serious illness strikes Athos, Elizabeth, Laura, and Kate find themselves in new and awkward situations with the men around them - some welcome and some not.
Notes: The authors merrily offer this to our readers - pay no attention to the obvious fact that we've been ripping our hair out.

Uncharted Shores
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Fic: Friend or Foe (stargate_ren)

Title: Friend or Foe
Authors: miera_c, melyanna, and angelqueen04
Rating: Older kid-friendly
Summary: Weeks after the coronation, the Wraith lay waste to a village on the Atalanian coast, setting into motion a sequence of events that could prove disastrous to Queen Elizabeth's reign.
Author's Notes: The three of us are terribly sorry for the long delay in getting this out, but when you put three perfectionists in the same email thread to write a fic, well, things go a little crazy and we just couldn't post until we thought we had every single detail down right. *headdesk* Many of you may have already seen this posted at other communities, but I didn't think it could hurt to post this here as well.

Friend or Foe (1/3)
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