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Atlantis AU

Stargate Atlantis Alternate Universe Fan Fiction

12/21/06 02:58 pm - angelqueen04 - Fic: Solstice (1/4 and 2/4) stargate_ren

Title: Solstice
Authors: angelqueen04, miera_c, melyanna
Rating: Older kid-friendly
Summary: The winter solstice marks the longest night of the year, and Atalan's foremost holiday. With gifts being exchanged, clandestine rendezvouses, a ball, and secrets coming to light, the first public celebration of Queen Elizabeth's reign is sure to be one to remember for many years to come.
Notes: This was supposed to be a giant ball of fluff. It probably still is, but a plot of some variety wiggled its way in. It's also embarrassingly long, so we're posting Parts I and II today, and will post the last two parts in a couple days.

Part I

Part II

12/8/06 06:39 pm - angelqueen04 - Fic: Uncharted Shores (4/4)

And here is Part 4 of Uncharted Shores over at stargate_ren. Enjoy! :)

12/8/06 12:31 am - angelqueen04 - Fic: Uncharted Shores (3/4)

Part 3 of Uncharted Shores is available here over at stargate_ren. Enjoy! :D

12/4/06 11:02 am - angelqueen04 - Fic: Uncharted Shores (2/4)

Part 2 of Uncharted Shores is available at stargate_ren.

Enjoy! :D

12/2/06 09:59 am - angelqueen04 - Fic: Uncharted Shores (1/4) stargate_ren

Title: Uncharted Shores
Authors: melyanna, miera_c, and angelqueen04
Rating: PG-13
Summary: As winter looms and serious illness strikes Athos, Elizabeth, Laura, and Kate find themselves in new and awkward situations with the men around them - some welcome and some not.
Notes: The authors merrily offer this to our readers - pay no attention to the obvious fact that we've been ripping our hair out.

Uncharted Shores

11/17/06 05:06 pm - angelqueen04 - Fic: Friend or Foe (3/3)

Part III is now posted. Enjoy! :)

11/16/06 11:12 am - angelqueen04 - Fic: Friend or Foe (2/3) stargate_ren

Relevant header information in Part I.

Part II is available here.

11/14/06 08:58 pm - angelqueen04 - Fic: Friend or Foe (stargate_ren)

Title: Friend or Foe
Authors: miera_c, melyanna, and angelqueen04
Rating: Older kid-friendly
Summary: Weeks after the coronation, the Wraith lay waste to a village on the Atalanian coast, setting into motion a sequence of events that could prove disastrous to Queen Elizabeth's reign.
Author's Notes: The three of us are terribly sorry for the long delay in getting this out, but when you put three perfectionists in the same email thread to write a fic, well, things go a little crazy and we just couldn't post until we thought we had every single detail down right. *headdesk* Many of you may have already seen this posted at other communities, but I didn't think it could hurt to post this here as well.

Friend or Foe (1/3)

9/28/06 10:16 pm - irony_rocks - Fic: "Beginning's End" NC-17 (Complete)

Title: Beginning’s End (Complete)
Author: irony_rocks
Rating: NC-17
Categories: Sheppard/Weir, AU, romance, Action/Adventure, Angst
Summery: During “Before I Sleep,” the alternative version of John Sheppard lived as well.
Beta’d: Special Acknowledgements to ShayzCollapse )
Warnings: Character death (it is based on “BIS”) Language, violence, and sexual situations.
Spoilers Main spoilers for "Before I Sleep", "Rising", and "Aurora". General vauge spoilers for season two, sorta.
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters and settings are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter One. I Chapter Two. I Chapter Three. I Chapter Four I Chapter Five I Chapter Six I Chapter Seven I Chapter Eight I Chapter Nine I Chapter Ten I Chapter Eleven I Epilogues Part I and II

Cross-posted everywhere

9/23/06 04:52 pm - angelqueen04 - Fic: Not Alone (1/1)

Title: Not Alone
Author: angelqueen04
Rating: PG
Summary: Dark times settle over the country of Atalan.
Author's Notes: This is a prequel to melyanna's story, Ascension of the Queen, over at stargate_ren. Many, many thanks to her and miera_c for picking this ficlet apart and making it ten times better than it originally was. :)

Not Alone
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